Chilly Cheeks Keep Your Golf Round Cool in Las Vegas

We here at Las Vegas Golf and Tennis are your experts for everything. And when the summer heats up in Vegas, we know how to keep you cool. Our newest product are the Chilly Cheeks.

When the summer sun sweats the fun from outdoor activities Chilly Cheeks will cool you down. Chilly Cheeks is a patent-pending, butt tested, hot-body approved cooling seat cushion.

Right now in the summer, it’s all about the chill. But in the winter, the seat works in reverse and keeps you warm during those cold days. Think it’s too cold to participate? Don’t stay home! Chilly Cheeks can warm your fanny in a flash.

Call us today at 702-892-9999 or come by and get your Chilly Cheeks for $39.95.