Be First to Play New, Transformative Callaway Big Bertha Irons, Fairways (VIDEO)

The new Callaway Big Bertha Irons and Fairways are here for 2019.

At Las Vegas Golf and Tennis, we are always first with the latest club technology and this is no different. Contact now for your personal and free fitting appointment to hit the Callaway Big Bertha irons and fairways for 2019.

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The pre-sale is Nov. 30 and official retail launch is 1/18/19.

Easy launch and serious distance is everything you need to know about the new clubs.

From the Callaway Experts: “Big Bertha is back! And when we put this legendary name on a club, you know that it has to be so good, and so innovative, that it transforms an entire category. Now that we’ve introduced them to the world, here is everything you need to know about our amazing new Big Bertha Irons and Hybrids.”

The Suspended Energy Core is a construction that’s never been achieved before in a golf club, featuring a revolutionary core design that delivers:

  1. Incredible sound and feel
  2. Long, consistent distance; and
  3. Easy launch.

It starts with a Metal Injection Molded (MIM’d) Tungsten Floating Weight suspended within our proprietary urethane microsphere material. Suspending the floating weight allows us to position the Center of Gravity deeper using a 3-piece iron construction. Now we can create higher launch while allowing a thinner, faster Face Cup construction.