Ping Sigma 2 Softer Feel, Adjustable Length Putters Pre-sale in Las Vegas

As Always, Las Vegas Golf and Tennis is the first with the latest and best new golf technology and today the pre-sale for the new line of Ping Sigma 2 putters is here. Softer feel, adjustable length make this putter different.

Did you know? 8 out of 10 putters are putting with the wrong-length putter? Find out if you are one of them today.

Come by and speak to our experts and be one of the first to play this new putter when it launches.

With a focus on a softer feel and lively response through multi-layer face technology and a newly designed adjustable-length shaft, PING today introduced the Sigma 2 putter series. Available in 10 options, including the new, highly stable Fetch model that is designed with a golf-ball-pickup feature, the new putters are available for pre-order beginning today at authorized PING golf shops around the world.

“The Sigma 2 putters are engineered to bring a new level of performance and excitement to our putter line,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “As we do with every product, we combined our extensive technical knowledge gathered over our nearly 60-year history with the needs of the everyday golfer. In the Sigma 2, along with the new face design that’s both very soft and responsive, this approach includes providing golfers the ability to customize their shaft length by introducing a simple and intuitive adjustable-shaft-length technology that is a standard feature of every putter in the line. Our research indicates 8 out of 10 golfers are playing the wrong-length putters and losing strokes as a result. That’s a staggering statistic to us and one we’ve made easy for golfers to solve with the Sigma 2. Golfers will see significant improvement in their putting consistency if they use a putter length customized to their game.”

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